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With DDoS attacks still on the rise… speed matters!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

How many of us have heard the horror stories of DDoS attacks and thought “it won’t happen to me”? Well, I must admit, I’ve certainly been part of that camp!

Unfortunately, for one of our customers, they were too…

With Norton still referring to DDoS attack as “one of the most powerful weapons on the internet”, it’s easy to see why panic ensues when you realise, you’re the target. Most attacks are no longer the more prolonged offensives that we used to see, but instead the attackers focus on a high frequency of short bursts, usually lasting no more than an hour, with huge amounts of data being used.

Luckily for our customer, we partner with Redstor.

Using our Redstor platform, we were able to quickly give the customer access to their critical systems, by recovering VMs into Azure in their case (although could have been any public cloud) and having their data instantly available via the Redstor cloud. This level of ‘on-demand data’ has been second to none… especially when comparing to the market leaders. I like to think of them as the Netflix of data!

We were able to alleviate the impact of over 600+ employees around the globe not being able to access their core databases, in a matter of minutes.

Having a robust data management and protection partner is an invaluable resource for any organisation, of any size. Especially one that can be on the other end of a phone call within 10 minutes…

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