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Don't be "Cloud First" be "Cloud Smart"

We have been living with "Cloud First" for 10 years, and who would have though that so few words would have such an impact on the IT landscape.

An organisation should look first to cloud solutions when developing new processes or adapting old processes before considering non cloud-based solutions

We all know now that rushing off to move everything to Public Cloud is not the answer so the Fed issued an updated policy in 2019 ; enter “Cloud Smart”;

Rather than migrating all applications to the cloud, a "Cloud Smart" approach allows organisations to take a strategic look at what infrastructure will best serve each workload.

Companies can better align their cloud strategy to meet their specific business goals and values.

With the benefit of hindsight here are some examples of workloads that are an excellent fit for Public Cloud

  • Mobile devices and applications

  • Collaboration and content management tools such as Microsoft Office 365, iWork and Google G Suite as they facilitate collaboration for remote workers

  • Videoconferencing

  • Virtual desktops and remote workstation management

  • Scale-out applications – to benefit from additional compute resources to meet demand

  • Disaster recovery

  • Business continuity solutions

  • Dev/UAT

These workloads less so

  • A legacy app that is being retired in a couple of years . Why waste your time and money refactoring it for the cloud?

  • Workloads that have security or compliance regulations for specific types of data that you store requiring you to maintain it in a specific location or meet certain requirements. In this case, it might be easier to stay compliant by keeping this data on-prem rather than attempt to move it to the cloud.

  • Mission Critical applications such as OLTP and OLAP/HPC that require higher levels of performance stability, and availability.

But adopting a "Cloud Smart" strategy today and deciding which applications are better off in the cloud and which should stay on-prem only achieves a point in time solution in a fast moving market.

You need the ability and flexibility to quickly (and successfully) migrate data and workloads from on-prem to the cloud (or vice versa) to react to changing needs and market conditions

WSO by Inca manages all your infrastructure regardless of its location and gives you true lift and shift capabilities whilst ensuring your security policies etc are enforced.

Your users will get a consistent experience no matter where their data lives.

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