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Digital transformation is happening and your business will be somewhere on this journey to stay both current and competitive. If you have your own infrastructure chances are it is challenged now by things that didn’t exist when you initially designed it ,like rapid cloud adoption and todays scaling needs for our “always on” world.

Public Cloud drives current DC innovation and the smart technologies used by the cloud giants are available to you , whether you have your own on premise (datacentre) solution, have your infrastructure exclusively available to you in a hosted environment (private cloud) or deploy in public cloud. Or as becoming more common today a mixture of these scenarios (hybrid cloud).

The advent of cloud has seen companies adopt different delivery mechanisms to meet their IT resource needs. The 3 most common are explained below . All are predominantly delivered on a consumption , you only pay for what you use ,(Operating Cost) basis, freeing up precious business capital, and in all cases they are rapidly scalable up or down to meet your changing business demands.  

As we cover these delivery mechanisms please remember these business practises aren’t limited to public or private cloud. Inca Cloud can work with you to achieve the same in your own Datacentre, public, virtual private or private clouds or any mixture of these.

Infrastructure as a Service

The lowest level of “cloud” commoditisation, everything up to and including the Hypervisor is abstracted and delivered back as a service with a predetermined unit of measurement to facilitate charging.

Software as a Service

When people talk about SaaS the usual products that spring to mind are Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and Skype however SaaS products have been with us far longer than that and continue to expand at an exponential rate as they suit our lifestyles both professionally and personally.

Businesses like using Software on a consumption (Operating Cost) model for the same reasons as IaaS has been successful, ie you predominantly pay only for what you use and you can scale up or down seamlessly and without penalty. 

platform as a service

Platform as a Service

PaaS comes in many different forms but the essence of them is the same, you don’t need to worry about the hardware, operating system, Database or middleware so you can focus ondeveloping, delivering and deploying your application services.

Early PaaS implementations were exclusively public cloud offerings but as time goes on and attitudes changed more hybrid and on-premise cloud products have been brought to market.

Other PaaS offerings can include application design, application development, testing and deployment, as well as services such as team collaboration, web service integration, database integration, security and other more focused developer community products.

Typically, PaaS offerings include mechanisms for service management, such as monitoring, workflow management, discovery and reservation.

Considerations for anything to be consumed on an “as a Service” basis
Having a consistent security and governance policy across everything that is connected through a web browser is essential.

Inca might not be part of your decision on the right SaaS product for your business, we will however ensure that whatever you choose is secure, and easy to consume without having to jump from portal to portal inputting unique usernames and passwords each time.

The plethora of them with the considerations that must be made to adopt them safely, securely and reliably whilst managing to integrate with existing platforms and delivering value back to the business can be overwhelming. 

Given our long-standing knowledge in all things cloud, inca are perfectly placed to support  your decisions and help you navigate this well-trodden path.

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