Secure Collaboration,
Cloud Storage & Data Access Control

Encryption for 

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is ideal for online collaboration, where easy access is the top priority - but when you need to extend the conversation and share regulated data, intellectual property or sensitive business communications, HighSide’s SecureTeams extension has you covered.

Built atop SecureOS and deployed with just a few clicks, the encryption extension helps your team easily and efficiently safeguard sensitive information against attackers, data breaches and even limits risks associated with insider threats and privileged users. 

Secure Drive


Keep your data, your data.

SecureDrive is a fully encrypted file sharing & cloud storage application - merging the ease of use employees expect from consumer grade systems, with the data security and compliance controls enterprises require.


Leveraging SecureOS, SecureDrive enables the freedom to securely share & collaborate across internal and external teams without a single security point of failure.

HighSide secure drive- Inca cloud