Want a cloud-like experience, on-prem? See what the team behind 3PAR have created now...

More and more organisations are now repatriating their applications back to on-premises infrastructure from public cloud, but we have all grown to love the features available to us, from ease of self-service and cloud-simple management, through to automation at-scale... if only there was a way to have the best of both worlds!

Well, now there is... Nebulon.

Nebulon provides a smart infrastructure solution comprising two components, a PCI-e based “Services Processing Unit” card (the SPU) and a SaaS control plane “NebulonOn”.

The combination of these technologies running on industry standard servers enables a significantly denser and cost effective infrastructure solution whilst providing the benefits of a cloud based environment.

Supermicro Nebulon replaces the need for dedicated storage infrastructure, fulfils the promise of HCI and is often used to repatriate Cloud workloads for economic and/or control reasons.

Through utilising a Cloud control plane, software enhancements and upgrades are delivered through the SaaS service, rather than upgrading infrastructure in your datacentre. These enhancements are delivered as and when they are available, seamlessly without the need for maintenance windows or planning rollouts.

By utilising Nebulon, we have successfully replaced traditional “3 Tier” architectures of Servers/Storage/Networking saving our customers on average 50% whilst radically improving their ability to deliver fully automated user centric services, and providing them the infrastructure base for future business and technology requirements.

Many HCI customers have adopted this solution to evolve from the single use HCI design to deliver a fully open platform providing a common experience across hypervisors and bare metal usecases. Supermicro Nebulon offloads all storage workload to the SPU card meaning customers use 100% of their server for the application it was intended for, buying fewer servers, saving on software licensing and lowering their costs by 30% on average.

Increasingly, for reasons of security and cost, customers are repatriating workloads from Public Clouds. With the Supermicro Nebulon Cloud Control plane, these customers are able to keep the flexibility and operating model which make the Cloud so appealing, whilst regaining the control Cloud removes and gaining predictability and lowering the costs associated with Cloud bills!

For these and many reasons beyond, Service Providers and Enterprises both large and small are choosing Nebulon as a key component of their Cloud and Datacentre strategies.

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