Why your cloud strategy doesn't mean a wholesale shift to a hyper-scale public cloud provider.

Ask 100 people what "cloud" is and you are likely to get 100 different answers.

At Inca we have a clear understanding of "cloud", and can therefore help you deliver the attributes you are looking for from your cloud journey.

As opposed to building bespoke environments using monolithic appliances in an attempt to meet business needs, "cloud" now enables IT departments to commoditise elements or all of the estate. You just need to decide how much you want to commoditise, and how much you want to bespoke.

The lowest level of "cloud" commoditisation is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). All infrastructure up to and including the hypervisor is now commoditised and delivered as a service. At this level the choice of operating system, and application is still determined by the user.

The highest level of "cloud" commoditisation is Software as a Service (SaaS), where everything up to and including the application is now commoditised. The ONLY thing to be determined by the user is the data entry.

At no point through this commoditisation process have we determined ownership and location of the hardware that runs these applications, as "cloud" is an operating model, not a place.

Through an intelligent abstracted control plane, Inca can deliver a consistent user experience, regardless of end point, browser, user, and resource location. We can normalise the commercial model between existing depreciating assets, and hyper-scale public cloud provider, enabling IT departments to deliver the attributes of a "cloud" model but delivered from the privacy of their own DC.

We are not saying that one infrastructure provider is better than the other, as we believe that data sovereignty, latency, security, and machine tenure will all factor into the decision making process as well as the obvious cost consideration. Our solutions are designed to not only enable IT departments to create robust compliance policies, but also insert the necessary guard rails to enforce the policies too.

Have a chat with us and see how we can help you with your "cloud" journey.

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