What is XDR? Oh no, not another security tool!

Do we need another security product to add to the existing plethora of security tools currently used?

If you are thinking about migrating to the cloud then XDR should be considered as an essential part of your security compliance moving forward.

Much like how the introduction of NGFW disrupted the perimeter firewall market in 2009, XDR is a new approach to threat detection and response, specifically designed for today's dynamic, dispersed environments where the threat landscape has increased significantly.

Existing security tools that take a reactive layered approach, rely on user admins to shift their way through a high volume of security alerts. The outcome is either increased time to identify a breach, or risk that they are just ignored. This is because these existing layered toolsets are technology, rather than business outcome focussed.

Inca Cloud partner with Prismo Systems to deliver end to end cloud compliance.

The attributes of XDR are very different. Prismo takes a proactive approach to cloud security, and is able to map 100% of the transactions between an "Actor" and "Resource". An "Actor" can be a user, end point, application, and/or 3rd party connection. A "Resource" can be any environment, public or private.

Prismo achieves 100% visibility through HyperConverged security so rather than work in individual layers Prismo maps the Network, Operating System, and Application layers during the discovery phase.

Like other products in our portfolio, Prismo is is an administrative control plane, and not part of the data plane, therefore unlike static firewalls where the data needs to traverse the ingress and egress, Prismo creates a "Trust Fabric" which delivers granular configuration, that can be tailored to meet and enforce the most stringent polices.

Another attribute of XDR is to deliver just enough privileges to the user to enable them to perform their job function. This is achieved through a "zero static privileges" approach to user and network access.

If you are struggling with too many toolsets and too many security threats, call Sam Cottle on 07741 667249, or email at and see the power of this new technology.

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