Considering Microsoft CSP for your business?

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Program is an increasingly popular alternative to Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), a new, flexible way of purchasing and managing software licensing and Microsoft services.

Why CSP might be a better solution for your business than EA?

1. Month by months basis:

Rather than a three- year contract commitment when choosing EA, Microsoft CSP is offered entirely on a month by month basis. This enables you to pay for what you actually use and add or take away licenses as needed, which is not a feature available in Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

2. Flexibility:

With EA, while it’s simple to add licenses as needed, it is almost impossible to remove any, which leaves many feeling frustrated having to continue with unnecessary licenses in order to maintain their EA level status. With CSP, while there are long term payment options available, you’re in control of what you want to add, keep, and remove from your package.

3. Simple billing:

CSP allows you to keep control over your spending by providing you with clear, detailed billing.

4. No minimum cost & commitment:

Unlike with Microsoft EA where there are minimum seat requirements (500+ or 250+ in public sector), the CSP program is the complete opposite and does not require a minimum number of users.

Another significant difference is the length of a contract. With EA you must commit to three years. During this time, you can increase a number of licenses, but you can only decrease that number annually, with 30 days’ notice. With CSP you get full flexibility and an option to cancel any time.

What impact will it have on your relationship with Microsoft?

You will no longer have to interact with Microsoft directly, instead, your Reseller will manage everything for you and will communicate with Microsoft on your behalf. Your entire customer experience, from negotiating special deals and personalised bundles to receiving regular support will be provided by your Reseller.

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient, scalable and flexible solution CSP is the best option.

If you’d like to explore your Microsoft licensing options to see what might be best for your business, talk to our team at Inca Cloud. We will answer all your questions.

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