Cloud Management Platform. Should you be using one?

A good Cloud Management Platform (CMP) provides a uniform user experience across all cloud infrastructure, both public and private (Hybrid Cloud).

This reduces complexity and the number of specialists you require to manage your Hybrid Cloud and also enables you to create a consistent commercial structure (Normalisation) between your on premise assets, and any public cloud vendors.

But doesn't the cost of a CMP outweigh the benefits?

A good CMP creates an abstraction layer (air gap) between the user and the infrastructure provider, and when used correctly this abstraction layer can not only be used to create the necessary governance and compliance policies, but can enforce them too!

No matter how good your security policies are, a lack of central governance in your Hybrid Cloud estate, without a CMP, could prove a very costly endeavour.

Surely I can get that from my vendor native UI too?

Are you sure? A good CMP is pretty much agnostic when it comes to which infrastructure vendor you have selected. Whatever policies you create, it will be applied to your entire hybrid estate not just one particular vendor.

Used correctly a CMP will be able to logically segment individual lines of business (LoB), assigns granular roles and responsibilities for appropriate approval process, and set LoB budgets to automate IT chargeback accounting.

A good CMP will enable the IT department and/or the MSP to either integrate with an existing or create a bespoke service catalogue, a sort of marketplace that sits above all marketplaces.

Instead of being presented with endless machine layouts and plans, the user experience can be tailored to only what is relevant to them, so if a corporate policy is around a particular firewall vendor or server specification, then that is solely what is available in the service catalogue.

If you are thinking about, or have already embarked on your cloud journey, then a CMP is essential for you to implement the necessary "guard rails" to protect your business. It consistently enforces your security policies and enables you to make real-time, granular, informed decisions!

So, can you risk not using one?

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