Data Centre

Digital transformation is happening and your business will be somewhere on this journey to stay both current and competitive.


If you have your own infrastructure chances are it is challenged now by factors that didn’t exist when you initially designed it. Rapid cloud adoption and today's scaling needs for our “always on” world are just a few of those elements.


The advent of cloud has seen companies adopt different delivery mechanisms to meet their IT resource needs. The 3 most common being IaaS, SaaS and PaaS.


All are predominantly delivered on a consumption. You only pay for what you use (Operating Cost) basis, freeing up precious business capital, and in all cases they are rapidly scalable up or down to meet your changing business demands.  

Inca Cloud work with you to achieve the same in your own Datacentre, public, virtual private or private clouds or any mixture of these.

Given our long-standing knowledge in all things cloud, we are perfectly placed to support your decisions and help you navigate this well-trodden path.