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Do not think of “cloud” as a place, think of it as a model. Commercially it is typically delivered as an off-balance sheet OpEx only model with a consistent unit of measurement, technically it is the commoditisation of elements of the computing environment.

The fundamental question to be considered is not whether to go public or private, it is more to do with how much of your estate you want to commoditise and how much you want to bespoke, the more you commoditise the less you have the ability to influence.

If you think of a SaaS provider, you don’t know what the operating system is, you don’t know what the hypervisor is, you don’t know the name on the badge on the front of the tin, and you don’t know the data centre where the tin is housed. If any of these unknowns are a concern, then SaaS is probably not the right way for you to go.

It is pretty much accepted now that a mid to large enterprise will be a mix of public and private cloud, and for the near-term future a blend of depreciating assets and SaaS. What we don’t know is the ratios of each, we believe it will differ from company to company, and will need to be fluid to accommodate the dynamic nature of business today.

Inca understand this complex challenge, and there are potentially many different stake holders who will have an interest/necessity to be part of the decision-making process.

There are naturally other considerations such as data sovereignty and classification which determine where the data can or should be located in public or private.

Inca have a set of tools to assist their customers in making rapid informed decisions helping you support the business strategy to evolve quickly and securely whilst delivering value back to your stakeholders.

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