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Multi Cloud Infrastructure

The New Standard
in Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Use WSO by Inca to deliver 360-Degree Control of Your Hybrid Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Control and Visibility

Control cannot be achieved without visibility

At Inca Cloud Limited, we believe that our solutions will soon become one of the biggest segments in the industry. Web Services Orchestration (WSO by Inca) is a "Control Plane" that provides commercial and technical parity across disparate cloud environments whether private, hosted, or public. We use our "Control Plane" to create and enforce robust policies to empower a true hybrid multi-cloud self-service model.

Inca Hosted

Inca Hosted

Built on the latest Nebulon architecture our hosted environment is fully programmable, and logically segmented via our WSO by Inca control plane. As you would expect from a cloud infrastructure Inca hosted can be consumed on demand, as a subset of your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, or on a long-term contract for your perpetual workloads.

WSO by Inca integrates seamlessly with market leading Identity and ITSM toolsets, our intention is not to rip and replace existing workflows, but to provide 360 degree visibility of your existing infrastructure, and enhance existing workflows to deliver on the nirvana of a single pane of glass to manage your hybrid multi-cloud environment.


Our Partners

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Build your own Marketplace

Create common workload templates and present them in your own marketplace for a simplified provisioning workflow. Associate workload templates with specific service plans public or private to reduce noise pollution and maintain compliance regardless of cloud type.

WSO by Inca has a built is approvals process to manage service requests quickly and efficiently without any duplication of effort, and of course provides a complete audit trail of all requester and approver activity.

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